Home Repair, Home Sales, Office, Computer, Vehicle - On call - We come to YOU.

Repairs: Plumbing, Electrical, Heat/AC, Garbage Disposal, Dishwasher, Refrigerator, Stove, Sinks, Counters, Cabinets, Toilets, Bath, Install new fixtures, pick-up/deliver/assemble furniture for you. Install ceiling fans, outlets, dimmer switches, lighting fixtures, bathroom and kitchen fans, mailboxes, doorbells, security doors.

Locksmith: Lock-outs of home, office or vehicle with proper Identification. Re-key entire home or office so that you have ONE key instead of multiple for all doors. Install new deadbolts, handle vehicle lockouts and obtain new ignition keys if needed.

Home Theater Systems: Consulting and install of Home Theater systems, surround sound etc. In-wall speaker installs (see our faux finishing page for details on painting speakers to blend into walls). We also install drop down TV screens in kitchens, baths or any room including out-door patios. Plasma TV installs. We also build custom projection screens or can install drop-downs. All work done by a seasoned pro.

Faux Finishing Expert: Our faux-finishing expert has worked on million dollar plus homes in Legend Trail, Estancia, the Boulders, restaurants etc. Custom paint jobs, antiquing, adobe, custom color matching of all outlets and light switches. Even camouflauge plugs on on tile kitchen backsplashes (Click here for must-see Photo). Murals, Kid's theme rooms, furniture aging and antiquing, custom artwork on any piece of furniture. Need to repair a previously faux finished wall and can't locate the original artist? We can match the color and style.

Home Staging (Fancy term for making homes appeal to buyers!): We'll provide all the necessities to make your home look inviting, yet without the high cost of home-staging companies. You don't need a special certification just to make a home look presentable, and it should not cost a lot of money either. We can simply consult for a one time low fee, or actually do all the extras for you. This home had paint touch-ups done outside, flower pots and silk flowers added inside and out. Bathrooms were decorated with new towels, shower curtains, soaps and candles. Homes can contain furniture, or simply small touches that add elegance and interest.(The photos below are of a home that we sold in 5 days.)

Vacant Home Care: Home for sale? Lots of walk-throughs leave dirt on floors, carpets? We own a carpet shampooer, and can do spot removal, shampoo, vaccuming, dusting, clean bathrooms, sweep patios etc. Are you a vacation home-owner in need of assistance? We can make sure the house is clean when you arrive, heat or air conditioning is on at a comfortable level, spas are heated etc. We will even do your shopping so that everything you need is stocked upon arrival. Special Occasions, holidays, we can provide wine, champagne, beer, liquor, food, chocolates, hors devours. Also available on reservation: pet care while you are away. (Read More)

Pay for home repairs AFTER you sell: Short on cash but need a home repaired to sell it? Talk to us about putting a down payment on basic repairs, and then pay the rest when the home sells. All fees will be given up front, and a contractor's lien will be placed so that the balance of our invoice is paid when the home is sold. Down payment covers supplies and whatever basic work needs to be done to the home. We then receive a set invoice amount at closing. (Read More)

Pool/Spa: Having problem with motor, filter or heaters? We can either repair existing equipment or advise on what's needed for repairs. We have repaired unused spas that were actually filled in with dirt! Increase the value of your home by fixing and maintaining spa/pool or water features. The pool in this picture was previously green and cloudy. We drained it, maintained proper chemical and serviced it daily so that it was sparkling clean for prospective buyers. (This home sold in 5 days on the market for full asking price.)


Horse Corrals / Welding & Outdoor Pipes etc: Have horses? Need some welding done? How are your automatic waterers and pipes? Whether you need servicing or would like to install items, give us a call. We have horses and have done plenty of repairs to know what you need. If you've already purchased fixtures, we can install. Are you selling a horse property, but didn't have horses? Prospective buyers want to see that all fixtures work and are move-in ready.

Computer Crash Recovery and Repairs: Discreet data recovery in your home or office. No records kept on data, and your computer never leaves the property. In this day and age of I.D. theft, it's best to keep your records private. Computer running slow? Virus and spyware removal will make your computer run faster and more efficently. Avoid the dreaded computer crash, blue screen and boot-up locks. Have a firewall installed so that your computer is safe from viruses, trojans and hackers. Install secure networks, wireless networks etc. Need a new Motherboard or memory? We can install items you've purchased, or get them for you and install. PC. (Read More)

Vehicle Repairs / House-Calls / Sound Systems / Bluetooth: We can come to you and handle many types of repairs. Fuses, belts, battery, tire changes, electrical systems, lights, turn-signals, locks, alarms, radios, speakers, trunk pops, parts. We also specialize in hands-free Bluetooth products, alarms, keyless entry, subwoofers, custom sub-enclosures, Mp3 players, iPod adapters etc. We can do most general repairs at your home, though we may recommend that you bring your vehicle to us for more detailed installs and repairs. We are located in North Scottsdale. (Read More on our Automotive Electronics Site - a new window will open) Click to see full listing of automotive products Interested in only Bluetooth? Bluetooth Hands-Free Car Kit Site

Virtual Office Assistant: Need emails typed, memos, brochures, photos scanned, items cleaned up or adjusted in Photoshop? Need a website, or just need someone to update or maintain what you have? Need web hosting? What about a virtual office assistant who can type, proof and edit items and email them to you? Professional web designer, writer/editor, executive assistant can take care of items you don't have time for. Why have someone come into your house, or have to drop off work at a temp service? Email the items, I'll complete and email back. Legal documents can be prepared, and we also provide assistance in setting up LLC's and Corporations if needed. Also available: Re-mailing services from multiple states, private mailbox rental and other privacy services. (Read More)

Consign that old car: Do you have a non-running vehicle you'd like to sell? You can consign it, we'll repair it and sell it, giving you a cut of the profits. Just want an old vehicle removed? If we can salvage the vehicle we will have a tow truck remove it FREE of charge when title is signed over.

Pet Care: Dogs, Cats, Horses, Birds, Fish, Rabbits, Guniea Pigs, Goats, Cattle, Pigs, Rabbits, Rodents, Snakes, Lizards and other Exotics. Oops,did your pet make a mistake on the carpet while you're away? We have pet stain remover, carpet shampooer etc. Female Caretaker owns horses, dogs, cats and exotic birds and available for short-term animal care. It's recommended that you shedule a "getting to know you" visit so that your pet(s) will have met the caretaker and will be at ease when thier "new friend" comes to babysit. Pets are more comfortable in their own surroundings, especially older pets who do not travel well and would otherwise stress out in a kennel environment. (Horse-Sitting may be available, click HERE for area served)

Serving Scottsdale, Northeast Phoenix, Carefree, Cave Creek, Fountain Hills. (Click Service Area page to see if you are in our area)

Legal Notice: We are not a licensed contractor, however we do have an Arizona Licensed Contractor on-call if needed. Faux Finishing done by an expert with over 20 yrs experience. Automotive and electrical done by a certified MECP technician with over 20 years experience.